PCD cutting inserts

PCD cutting inserts are ideal for the use with non-ferrous metal, Al-, Zn- and Mg-alloys, GRP composites, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, “green” carbide and ceramic as well as all abrasive materials.

By using the super cutting material PCD for hard machining and for cutting cast materials, surface finishes and economic results are achieved which would have been unthinkable a short time ago. PCD is the second hardest cutting material after natural diamond. Our PCD inserts are tipped with average grain size. This type covers 80% of all application requirements. On request, we deliver PCD’s tipped with coarse grain and ultrafine grain for special processing.

In particular our PCD products with laser chip groove (on request) represent a milestone in the cutting tool technology of aluminium alloys.

You can download our stock list of the most common types of inserts by following the link below. Prices and delivery time for special inserts with e.g. customized radii please ask separately by email.